The Basics

Most clients already have a good sense of the challenges faced in the filmmaking process, but for newbies, here are some truths to consider.


1. Trust leads to quality

Creating a film with a purpose, using real people and real events, is very, very complex. Details often fall outside the scope of written instructions. Trust is therefore critical to successful work. From experience, anything that erodes trust between the filmmaker, the client and stakeholders, will likely erode the quality of final films.

2. The process is linear

It is essential to appreciate the linear process of producing a film. Once a brief has been written and filming has started, changing course is very difficult without a change in budget, time or quality. So it is very important for clients to understand that their greatest opportunity for creativity comes at the briefing stage. After filming is completed, the editing stages continue to be linear in nature. Clients should understand that delays to the delivery of assets, such as a font, or copy for a caption, can halt production entirely.

3. Determining a film's purpose is invaluable

Determining the purpose of your film and how it fits into your wider strategy will prove invaluable. It helps pinpoint better comments in interviews and helps us gather stronger supporting cut-aways. This information should be provided in your brief.

4. Access is critical

Access to locations and interviewees usually falls under the responsibility of clients. This is often an area neglected by clients. Failure to secure sufficient access to interviewees or locations will have direct impact on your film. 

5. Research will pay dividends

Following the written brief, the area in which clients can affect the most change is in research. Clients will find that time spent researching interviewees and locations will lead to huge improvements in film quality. Conversely, clients who do no research are taking a significant risk with the quality of their films.

6. Be aware there are limits

Authentic documentary-style footage will always be limited by external factors. We are uniquely experienced in making things work, however, there are limits to our powers. 


If you have any questions or require more information about any of the information above please feel free to contact us.